The WMF espresso bridges two worlds. It automatically prepares handmade coffee. It hisses and steams like a traditional portafilter, and yet is child’s play to operate: for anyone wanting to prepare the perfect espresso. Because the WMF espresso automatically grinds and tamps the coffee inside the portafilter, controlling both the flow and temperature of the brew. And this is how you are always able to offer your guests the finest, most exquisite moments of indulgence – consistently and reliably.

Two integrated grinders and automatic tamping. (Fig. with additional feet and two trays for coffee grounds)

Heatable cup storage with soft closure.

Brewing-time monitor. Monitoring and software-assisted grinding degree setting.

Air-cooled bean hoppers. For two different varieties of coffee bean (Espresso and/or Café Crème).

SteamJet. For centralised preheating of up to two cups.

Double-sided, upward-folding cup grids. Providing optimal pouring height for cups.

Hourly output*
Espresso or Cafe creme
Cappuccino / Latte macchiato or milk coffee

up to 300 cups
up to 240 cups
Nominal output / Power supply 6.0-7.0 kW/380 - 415V
Coffee bean hopper each approx.550g
outer dimensions (width / height / depth) 723/580/540(600 with suspended cup storage ) mm
Empty weight 75kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)** <70 dB(A)
* Depending on nominal output, power supply and recipe settings.
** The A-rated sound pressure level LpA(slow) and LpA (impulse) at service staff work stations is under 70dB(A) in any operating mode.
Above 5°dKH (water hardness) a WMF water filter must be fitted.